Most official promotional Ghost Dog sites are no longer available, though the French site is still up. (Also, check out the official site for Dead Man, or take the "Dead Man Url Tour").

Stranger Desire, info on play by Salvage Vanguard Theater, a mixture of Stranger Than Paradise and A Streetcard Named Desire by Tennesse Williams.

New Jungle Orchestra, info on cd "Giraf" by jazz combo New Jungle Orchestra, which features a tune, "Stranger than Jim", dedicated to Jarmusch. At there is a one-minute snippet of the tune.

Brian Jonestown Massacre's record "Bravery Repetition & Noise" features a picture of Jim Jarmusch on the cover. q: "why is jim jarmusch on the new album cover?" a: "he asked the same thing...because he is punk. he deserves a little praise. if he got the cover of time magazine, all of those copies would end up in the dump."

At, you can listen to samples of the recording of Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas featuring the voice of Jim Jarmusch in one of the main parts. There you can also listen to pieces of John Lurie's soundtrack for Stranger Than Paradise and Down by Law. For more info on Lurie's soundtracks, and John Lurie generally, see the Strange and Beautiful site, which also has info on John Lurie's TV-series "Fishing with John" starring Jarmusch.

A "brief history" of Dark Day, another avant-guardish rock band Jarmusch occasionally played with for a period in the late Seventies / early Eighties. (Broken link)

Space Ghost, "Rio Ghosto" episode. Info on episode (30 October 1998) of tv-cartoon starring Jarmusch. In the fall of 2001 Jim Jarmusch was also spotted in a cameo appearance in the tv-show V.I.P.

Two poems by Lillian Necakov from her collection Polaroids: Cab Ride, inspired by Night on Earth, and Three Losers in Louisiana, inspired by Down by Law.

"The Sons of Lee Marvin" page, with collected info on "secret organization" in which Jarmusch is a member.

1993 Tom Waits interview, in which Waits claims "It seems that the only thing that will not say intact during the memory transplants are people's songs. This is the subject of a new film collaboration between myself and Jim Jarmusch entitled They All Died Singing."

Pinetop Seven is a rock group who say they are inspired by Jarmusch. The Pusjkins ditto. And Xamichee is named after a character in Dead Man, Nobody (Xamichee is Nobody's Indian name, meaning "He who talks loud saying nothing"), while the punk rock group Down By Law took their name from the title of Jarmusch's 1986 film.

Mystery Train, a Yahoo Club "For fans of independent film auteur, Jim Jarmusch", founded by Kali Nichta.

"The Numbers" offer the US box office figures for the films of Jim Jarmusch.

A page devoted to Mystery Train, with a rather peculiar game involving its three simultaneous episodes. What to make of it?

In 1999, Jim Jarmusch was given the Douglas Sirk award. In October 2000, he was awarded the French insignia of the Order of Arts and Letters.

Wish to trade in "Jim Jarmusch bonds"? Hollywood Stock Exchange sort of lets you...

Ghost Dog is also available as a role-playing game.

View the acclaimed Polish poster artist Andrzej Klimowski's designs for Permanent Vacation, Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train and Night on Earth.

Info on Young Neils - The Movie, a Norwegian short film inspired by Year of the Horse (broken link).

An "entertainment media analysis report" on Ghost Dog, by Christian fundamentalists ChildCare Action Project... Of similar interest, offers a parental guidance take on the film.